Happy International Women's Day: An Update


Ten months ago, Emily was going through an existential crisis. As her sister, I listened while she questioned her path and feared her future. I kid you not, she almost convinced herself into quitting her tech job and moving to Antarctica (honestly would not have been a bad idea). After many laughs and too many tears, Sisterly was created. Back then, we had a vague idea of what we wanted Sisterly Women to be, but absolutely no direction on where to go and how to make it happen.  

Ten months later, we’ve turned our ideas and inspiration into something tangible. Each day in trial and error, the vision becomes more clear. Our platform went from resource blog to podcast production, and damn were we in over our heads. What’s so hard about making a podcast? We would have awesome conversations with badass women and *poof* our product would be out there for the world to hear. Wrong. The more we learned about making podcasts, the more we realized there was a right way to do this... and wrong way. We decided to go with the former and focus on quality. We wanted not just quality conversations, but quality sounds, music, production, and most of all, quality stories.

Our team continues to grow- we’re working with audio engineers, writers, musicians, and composers. With two podcast interviews under our belt, we’re learning more about audio than we ever imagined. We can spot the wavelength of an “ummm” from a mile away. Shit, this is real. But as our networks grew, so did our doubts. We all have full time jobs, friends, and relationships to tend to. Could we actually do this? Turns out that we can, and we will. Sisterly Women started from an uncomfortable existential space. It is this exact doubt that we’re trying to recognize, normalize, and thrive in.

We’ve grown a lot from our initial naivete. We took risks and learned necessary skills along the way. Most importantly, we’ve met some pretty amazing women whose stories we can’t wait to share with you. That’s what Sisterly is all about, right?


P.S. If you or someone you know has a unique story to share for the Sisterly Women podcast, we want to hear about it— email us at stories@sisterlywomen.com.

Tiffany LeComment